Our Organization Re-Brands

When we were founded in 1948 as the Delmarva Chicken Festival, Inc., our focus was on an event designed to showcase our industry to the public. By 1955, our mission had expanded to include advocacy and education. By then, Delmarva was already known as one of the top broiler chicken-producing regions in the country, with thousands of chicken farmers helping to feed us all.
Today our region has more than 1,300 chicken growers - still one of the most important chicken communities in the nation - as well as major chicken processing companies and associated businesses. During a strategic planning process undertaken in 2018, we agreed it was time to look at our brand and decide if it was the best possible representation of our members.
As our Executive Director Holly Porter says, "In order to grow and stay relevant, we needed to differentiate that we are the region's representative of all things chicken, and then we needed to find a better way to convey that to all of our audiences. This brand is a tool to help us to do that."
Eighteen months and dozens of committee and Board meetings later, we are proud to introduce our new name, logo and tag line.


When we really look at what our members grow and process on Delmarva, it is chicken, chicken and more chicken. Our new name had to encompass "chicken" in it. Others grow turkeys, ducks, geese, quail and other fowl, but we grow chicken and we are proud of it!
Next, we agreed: "Delmarva" had to remain in our name - this peninsula is our home, our place of business and our identity.
And finally, we needed a word that encompasses how we work. We are an organization of people who have a common interest; members who form relationships with each other based on a common goal. Those are the ideas at the core of the word "association."
And there we had it - our name: Delmarva Chicken Association.


During our focus groups, several graphic elements stood out to participants. Participants felt the circular "seal" encompassed all the members of the organization and gave the logo an official look. They expressed that that the bird in the center should be representative of the chickens grown on Delmarva (broilers grown for meat, instead of layers that produce eggs). And they felt the colors - the rich Pantone "Reflex" blue and the bold goldenrod – connect the organization to its roots, both the National Chicken Cooking Contest and with the University of Delaware, whose leaders and researchers helped establish the organization. And the sunburst reflects a climate perfectly suited for raising these birds.


Finally, the tagline needed to express what the organization seeks to accomplish every day, in a way that would be understandable to not only the membership, but municipalities, legislators and consumers. This distilled down to three key words:

Advocate. Educate. Innovate.

Because, well, that's what we do. Want to know more? Wander around our website. And when you are ready to join, just complete the form and return it to us. We will be proud to have you with us in the Delmarva Chicken Association!