Holly Porter Executive Director

Holly Porter joined DCA in 2017 after working in marketing for MidAtlantic Farm Credit and helping craft policy at the Delaware Department of Agriculture. Her responsibilities include membership development and promotion, public affairs, event and meeting planning, and member relations. She lives in Denton, Md. with her two daughters.

  • porter@DCAchicken.com

James Fisher Communications Manager

James Fisher joined DCA in 2016. As communications manager, he is responsible for social media, newsletters, press outreach, and educational efforts on behalf of Delmarva's chicken community. He came to DCA after a career as a newspaper reporter and editor in Delaware and Maryland’s Eastern Shore. He lives in Milton, Del. with his wife and their three children.

  • fisher@DCAchicken.com

Bobby Gorski Agricultural Conservation Specialist

Bobby Gorski joined DCA in 2022. His background is in soil conservation, wetland biology and conservation planning. As the agricultural conservation specialist, he helps chicken growers improve their farms with vegetative environmental buffers and other conservation features. A graduate of West Virginia University, Bobby lives in Seaford, Del. with his wife and two children.

  • gorski@DCAchicken.com

Christina Buckler Executive Administrative Assistant

Christina Buckler joined DCA in 2021 and has a background in office management. A Maryland native, she moved to the Eastern Shore in 2007 and is the proud mother of two children. In her DCA role, she is in charge of accounting, administrative oversight, and fielding member inquiries made to our Georgetown, Del. office.

  • buckler@DCAchicken.com