Holly Porter Executive Director

Holly Porter joined DCA in 2017. Her responsibilities include membership development and promotion, public affairs, event and meeting planning, and assisting the executive director with management and policy.

  • porter@DCAchicken.com

James Fisher Communications Manager

James Fisher joined DCA in 2016. As communications manager, he is responsible for social media, newsletters, press outreach, and educational efforts on behalf of Delmarva's chicken community.

  • fisher@DCAchicken.com

Lori Morrow Corporate Secretary-Treasurer

Lori joined DCA in 2001, and in 2006 was promoted to her current position of corporate secretary-treasurer. As DCA's sole support staff member, she is responsible for finances and has a wide variety of duties.

  • morrow@DCAchicken.com

Jim Passwaters Environmental Vegetative Buffers Coordinator

Jim Passwaters joined DCA in 2007, and helped develop our innovative program assisting chicken growers with designing, funding and planting vegetative environmental buffers near their chicken houses and around their farms.

  • passwaters@DCAchicken.com