We recognize there is growing consumer concern about farm animal well-being. We share this concern and take very seriously our ethical obligation to provide high quality care for animals. We welcome your questions and share your passion for making sure chickens are well cared for and healthy. We're dedicated to doing what's best for the birds -- and we're proud to show you what we do.
Our commitment to do what's best for the birds has driven us to continually evaluate our farms and choose housing that provides birds the best possible care. Modern chicken houses provide a comfortable, temperature-controlled environment with fresh-air ventilation, continuous access to food and water, room to move about freely, and protection from disease and predators. All our birds are raised cage-free.
We have been committed to doing what's best for the birds for decades. We're always looking for better ways to care for the chickens, and when we find them, we adopt them. A long time ago, chickens were kept in fenced-in backyards to keep them from wandering away and to provide some protection. We learned over time moving them indoors provides protection from predators, disease, and weather extremes.
Our commitment to quality care for the birds includes giving thoughtful consideration to the recommendations of veterinarians and animal scientists, as well as available studies and research regarding bird care and on-farm best management practices.
You can be confident the birds are well cared for and the chicken products you purchase are safe and wholesome. University research shows today's chickens are healthier due to advancements in farming to provide better care, better nutrition, and better living environments.