'Delmarva Chicken Association' Brand Revealed, Replacing Longtime Trade Association's Name and Logo

The region's leading organization representing chicken farmers, chicken companies and allied businesses revealed a new name, logo and brand identity as Delmarva Chicken Association at its annual meeting.

"After months of research and planning, we are excited to reveal our new name - Delmarva Chicken Association - and logo," said Dale Cook, president of the Board of Directors. "Becoming the Delmarva Chicken Association clarifies our pride in who we are, what we raise and produce, and the values we stand for as one of the largest chicken communities in the country."

Previously known as Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc., the organization founded nearly 75 years ago has been focused on updating its brand to better reflect its mission for today's consumers curious about where their chicken comes from, and to provide a connection to new chicken growers, allied businesses, industry professionals and other key stakeholders.

"The idea to reposition began with the strategic plan we completed at the end of 2018," said Delmarva Chicken Association Executive Director Holly Porter. "We learned in that process that in order to grow and stay relevant, we needed to make clear we are the region's representative of all things chicken, and then we needed to find a better way to convey that to all of our audiences. This new brand identity is an exciting tool to help us to do that."

The new logo is a blue-and-yellow circular seal encircling a sunburst and a mature broiler chicken representative of those grown on Delmarva. To provide continuity, a transitional bar highlights that the organization was established in 1948. The colors and fonts in the logo, which echo in a more modern way to the association's earliest colors, will be used across all the organization's communications.

"We have spent the last few months working to reach this moment, but it's a start, not an end," said James Fisher, Communications Director for the Delmarva Chicken Association. "We have updated our website, newsletter, digital communications and social media, and there is much more to come."

The Evolution of the Association
Founded in 1948 as Delmarva Chicken Festival, Inc., and known since 1955 as Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc., the organization was created to promote chicken sales, encourage the development of breeding, and organize an annual chicken cooking festival. Since its inception immediately after World War II, the more than 1,600-member trade association has expanded to welcome grain farmers, growers and allied businesses that support the chicken industry in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia's Eastern Shore.

"We have come a long way from those early days. In 2019, the Delmarva chicken industry produced 609 million chickens and generated $3.5 billion in revenue," said Porter. "As an industry we have become more sophisticated and more engaged, and we look forward to meeting the needs of our members - and their customers and consumers - in the coming years."

The brand was developed in partnership with a.s.a.p.r. Ink of Lewes, Del. and Rus Design of Parsonsburg, Md.

About Delmarva Chicken Association
Delmarva Chicken Association, founded in 1948, is the Delmarva chicken industry's voice as the premier membership association focusing on advocacy, education and member relations. DCA's vision is to be the most-respected chicken organization in the United States. For more information about the Delmarva Chicken Association, visit www.dcachicken.com or call 302-856-9037.

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