Where DCA Stands on Maryland’s PMT Implementation

DCA Executive Director Holly Porter made the following statement about our stance on Maryland’s PMT regulation timetable and our vote not to seek a delay in the PMT rollout during a recent meeting of the PMT Advisory Committee:

During the Maryland Phosphorus Management Tool (PMT) Advisory Committee meeting on Monday, DCA did vote not to request a delay in the implementation of the PMT. I want to make it clear that this single vote had nothing to do with our commitment to supporting growers; that commitment hasn't faltered.

One vote in favor of a 12-month delay from DCA would not have changed the outcome of the whole committee's vote, as the final vote was 11 to 3 - and we knew that going in. A vote to delay would have expended political capital with the administration and legislators - and we knew that, too. What we also know is that in order to help growers, we need to do two things: implement our own action items to solve these challenges, and hold the Maryland Department of Agriculture to the pledge it made six years ago to support farmers during the implementation of the PMT. That’s what we are doing now.

We are putting the finishing touches on a litter matching app that will help connect those who have litter with those who want litter - and there ARE farmers looking for litter. This app will be ready to release within the next seven to 10 days.

In addition, a letter was sent to MDA and Governor Hogan’s office with additional suggestions that DCA will be following very closely to get answers. You can read this letter here.

We understand the frustrations and concerns of many of our grower members about the PMT, and our Board of Directors takes those concerns seriously. But voting for a request to kick the can down the road for 12 months simply would not have changed the trajectory of this regulation.

Farmers fix problems on farms when they happen, not later. DCA is trying to do the same with this problem - and we will.

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